Solo travel : what to plan for

Travel is becoming more and more popular especially with the flaunting nature of the emerged social media. It easily allows one to experience different environment and exposure while having a great time. Venturing into solo travel has its obvious advantages because of the freedom. One is able to decide all of the issues in the itinerary and at whatever time allowing for a personalized trip. When travelling alone you definitely travel at your own terms.

Before embarking on the solo travel there are several things one needs to consider and plan for.

  • It’s advisable to prepare for the trip financially well in advance so as not to have to pay for a debt after the trip. The financial burden will become more prominent on solo traveler because you are alone in the venture. Enjoying delayed gratification is when you set for the trip and prepare for the next trip as soon as you are back.
  • Choose an accommodation that’s solo friendly. Book a hotel, B&B or hostel that is mostly preferred for solo travelers. Imagine being on a trip and you find yourself in an accommodation that is full of couples and even honeymooners.
  • Try packing light. This will ease your movements. If you are many and you have several luggage it’s easy to leave one person watching over them as the other person confirms something else. While travelling solo you need to have ease in movements with the luggage.
  • Your identity is important and you should strive to protect it. It’s common to lose belongings while travelling and can become worse if you lose your credit cards and identification. You should also try to avoid using public Wi-Fi as they are more insecure.
  • Staying low key will really go a long way in ensuring you blend easily with the new destination. While touring one may tend to throw care to the wind and live freely. Flashing jewelry only causes more exposure to the valuable and may attract people of ill intent.
  • Be prepared to mingle with the locals and enjoy their food and culture. Take care not to indulge uncontrollably as not everything is good if you are not used to it.
  • Carrying a book is a great signal to other that you are a solo traveler.

Sometimes it’s good to enjoy alone time as it enables one to reflect. Solo traveling can an enjoyable experience or even a memorable one.